Liga Privada Unico

In the process of crafting different members of the storied Liga Privada lines, Drew Estate has developed and tested hundreds of different tobacco blends and vitolas. While many of these aren’t deemed to have the right stuff for a proper, official release, the select few that do often still aren’t necessarily able to be produced — for reasons of cost, tobacco limitations, or construction restrictions.

Still, in many cases, these blends are used in small batches and smoked exclusively in-house. For several years, that’s how things stayed, although it wasn’t the intention of Drew Estate, whose spirit is egalitarian at its core; the company really wants DE fans to enjoy all the fruits of its labors.

After enough of these different blends were crafted, the Drew Estate top brass decided to create a series called Liga Privada Único that could serve as an umbrella for many of these disparate creations. To be clear, not all the cigars in this series follow a pattern or have elements in common, but what they do share is that they’re all limited-edition, unique, extremely flavorful, and delectable.

There are currently more than 10 Liga Privada Único varieties, and it’s impossible to say which is best or better than any other. Each blend is designed for a specific size stick, so each named cigar has only one vitola. It’s unknown how long smokes from the Único series will be on offer, so if there’s a particular variety you want to try, it’s best to order a box while they’re still in stock!

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