Rocky Patel

Since getting into the cigar business on the spur of the moment in 1996, Rocky Patel has made it his ambition to produce the world’s finest smokes, comprised of the richest aged tobaccos rolled meticulously by trusted hands of the industry.

Rocky’s inquisitive nature and tireless dedication to the cigar-making craft from his earliest days — initially looked askance at for someone who was considered an unschooled newcomer — quickly put his label on the map during the high point of cigars’ recent popular resurgence.

Since then, Rocky has proven himself to be much more than a flash-in-the-pan; his discovery of and appreciation for older tobaccos, which he put to use in new lines, accorded him the label of a thoughtful and talented innovator. With the company’s growing presence in the marketplace, cigars bearing the distinctive ‘RP’ band have only become more storied, more illustrious and more eagerly sought after.

Fast-forward two-and-a-half decades, and Rocky has built a heavyweight collection of blends that’s rivaled by few other brands in the business. He’s done it by going back to the roots of the cigar-making trade — starting with the most rigorous cultivation, fermentation and aging techniques and building in the highest standards of quality control and testing in the industry. Very simply, Rocky would rather produce fewer, better-constructed cigars slowly than more numerous, less-refined cigars quickly. Rocky’s products are known for their near-perfect smoothness, sophistication of blends, and super-premium editions. It’s hard to go wrong with a Rocky Patel cigar, and the more Rockys you smoke, the more you’ll find this out for yourself.