Tatuaje Monster Series

In 2008, Tatuaje came up with an idea for a Halloween cigar. Around Halloween, they released a limited edition of these cigars to the marketplace. Not only are they delicious, but the packaging has become collectible for many cigar experts. Karloff will be released this month, and expectations are already high.

The monster cigars started in 2008 with The Frank and were incredibly popular. The line expanded to other monsters, including Dracula, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All of these monster cigars were released in regular and dressed boxes. The dressed boxed were packaged to remind us of the monster, The Frank and The Drac came in coffins, and The Face came in a small wooden crate. Famously, each box contained 13 cigars as 13 is considered an unlucky number and fits in well with the Halloween theme. These boxes and cigars are highly collectible and prized not only for their decorative value but their sweet and spicy taste mixed with a pleasant aroma.

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